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NHS Human Givens Interest Group

There are now a large number of people who use HG ideas in their NHS work, and who have noticed that these ideas enable them, not only to be more productive, but also to enjoy much greater job satisfaction. They work in a wide variety of areas including general practice, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, physiotherapy, nursing, pain management, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, social work, health visiting, child and adolescent mental health services, ambulance services, and management.

The aim of The NHS Human Givens Interest Group is to bring this diverse group of people together so that:

  • they can support each other and advise on particular situations and ways in which to overcome obstacles that members face in applying HG ideas in their day to day work;
  • they can be a body that others in the NHS who are unsure/unfamiliar about the use of HG ideas, can approach for information;
  • they can, with ease, locate peers who are using the HG approach in their particular speciality/role and make it easier, where appropriate, to form supervision groups in their particular specialty/role;
  • those wishing to do so can find a mentor familiar with HG ideas;
  • create a group voice so that HG ideas can influence NHS policies.

Our goals are to:

  • create a directory of members, listing names, job descriptions and e-mail addresses;
  • form a panel of speakers who would be willing to talk at NHS venues about the ways in which HG ideas can provide better services.


At present, members of the association meet once a quarter. We welcome any new members who are working in or for the NHS. If you would like to be added to the email list for updates and future meetings please email our chair, clinical psychologist, Shona Adams at: [email protected]

Contact us:

If you would like more details about the Association, please email our secretary, Adele Stancliffe or our chair Shona Adams for more information.

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