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HGI's Emotional Needs Audit used to conduct survey into mental health and wellbeing in Ireland

Amárach Research have just published the results of their recent survey of the mental health and wellbeing of 1,000 adults in Ireland, using the Human Givens Emotional Needs Audit:

"Like many other developed countries, Ireland is experiencing a mental health crisis according to various social and medical indicators.  Solving that crisis requires a comprehensive understanding of both the causes of mental illness and the sources of mental wellbeing.

'One of the most powerful explanatory models for mental health (both wellbeing and illness) is that known as 'Human Givens'.  In this special report, we have used the Human Givens framework to measure the state of mental health in Ireland in the hope that it might help those tackling the current crisis."

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Date posted: 07/03/2019




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