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Human Givens Diploma courses being taught in the USA

Following the success of her Human Givens workshop at the LPCANC’s annual conference in North Carolina last October Sue Saunders has been invited by their CEO, John Shuford, to deliver part of the Human Givens Diploma training in America.

In a week’s time, Sue will be travelling to America once more to deliver two core workshops from Part 1 of the HG Diploma – Guided Imagery for Therapeutic Change and The Fast Trauma (PTSD) and Phobia Cure.

This first group of American Diploma students can take 7 more of the courses that count towards Part 1 online (see: online courses) and a programme will be developed to bring the remaining directly-taught Part 1 days, as well as the two week Part 2 course, to America in the near future.

The excitement and interest that this latest step in the spread of the human givens approach to North America has generated, is a wonderful reflection of the rapidly growing worldwide interest in HG – which has been helped tremendously by the development of our online courses and educational webinar series.

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