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Major article on the human givens approach is published in 'The Arab Journal of Psychiatry'

The latest edition of The Arab Journal of Psychiatry (Vol. 21, No. 1, May 2010) features an extensive article on human givens psychotherapy. Written by the HGI's chairman, Dr Farouk Okhai, the article gives a wonderfully clear and useful overview of the approach and the benefits and new insights it brings to the field of psychotherapy.

As the abstract says: "There is a profusion of psychotherapy models, most of them formulated in the west, confusing both those seeking and those striving to give help. The human givens approach seeks to integrate the effective ingredients of all therapies using as its organising idea what human beings need in order to live healthy lives. As such it will have a universal appeal, in keeping with the increasing recognition that individuals and societies have much more in common than their relatively superficial cultural differences would indicate."

The article is well worth reading, click here to download a PDF version.

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Date posted: 21/04/2022