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The ‘Measuring National Wellbeing Project’

Paul Allin, Director of the Measuring National Wellbeing Programme for the Office of National Statistics (ONS), had an in-depth discussion with Ivan Tyrrell, Director of Human Givens College and co-founder with Joe Griffin of the HG approach about innate human needs and how these are the ‘capital’ we all come into the world with.

Paul Allin was full of praise for our members' great work in energising, promoting and using all that’s known already about what makes for a fulfilled life. He said that he and his colleagues had found the submissions from Ivan and other HGI members very useful indeed (so much so that ONS were prompted to contact us directly for more information). He also wanted Ivan to encourage you all to contribute to the ‘National Debate on Wellbeing’ in whatever way you can.

This discussion will be published in the next issue of the Human Givens Journal.

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