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Brand new podcasts - now available

We've just recorded two new podcasts in our "Ask the Expert" series - which are now available for you to listen to here.

For Episode 20 we were joined by co-developer of the HG approach to psychology and behaviour, Joe Griffin.  As many of you will know, Joe is at the leading edge of skills-based therapy research and practice. He is widely recognised as one of the most informed and entertaining speakers on human behaviour and is also co-author, with Ivan Tyrrell, of numerous books and publications including Why we dream: The definitive answer, and other books on treating anxiety and depression.  Joe explains why it is vital to our mental and physical health that we get not just the right amount of sleep, but the right balance - of both slow-wave and REM (dream) sleep.  He shares fascinating anecdotes and insights, discussing the connection between sleep and memory, emotions, diet, stress, and more - plus he answers many of the questions you sent to us.  We hope you enjoy the recording - you can listen to "Exploring sleeping and dreaming" here.

We were joined by Malcolm Hanson for Episode 21 - Our silent emergency - suicide.  Malcolm is a human givens therapist who has worked in the NHS in the West Midlands for 9 years, where his cases have mainly involved people struggling with complex trauma, those with a background of violence or criminality, secondary care patients, trafficked individuals and asylum seekers.  At any given time, approximately half of Malcolm's client list presented with suicidal ideation.  Malcolm is also tutor with Human Givens College, and delivers the ‘How to reduce suicide risk’ workshop live online.  We have seen a huge increase in demand for suicide awareness, intervention and prevention training since the onset of the pandemic, and we hope you find this important podcast informative and helpful.   

Do watch this space, as we have more recordings - each covering a key mental health topic - planned this Autumn.

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Date posted: 21/04/2022