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Human Givens Foundation's multi-site research using CORE to start

The Human Givens Foundation is delighted to announce that the multi-site study to evaluate human givens therapy using CORE is set to start in October and will run for six months. Forty HG therapists working in a wide variety of settings (from GP practice, PCT, MIND, Occupational Health, Personal Injury and other Insurance work and private practice) are now committed to contributing data to the study.

HG therapists thinking about participating can still contact Bill Andrews, who is spearheading the study. He is enthusiastic about his efforts over the last year to bring this to fruition, "Measuring at every session brings therapists much closer to the data and the clinical utility is then appreciated. I'm anticipating that we will demonstrate that, indeed, HG is a bono-fide approach to helping patients exhibiting a very wide range of emotional distress."

For more information about the study, click here.

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