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HG Webinar Replay now available – ends 7th June

How do politicians gain the support of millions of people – without really saying anything?  And why do they so often fall short of our expectations?

Co-founder of the human givens approach, Ivan Tyrrell, gave a fascinating live webinar on 25th May entitled 'How politicians use hypnotic language to manipulate us'.

To find out more and watch it for freeCLICK HEREthere's a bonus for everyone that does!

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On the 60-minute live online event, Ivan explored: "How politicians use hypnotic language to manipulate us"

You will discover:

  • Why we must pay attention to the language politicians use – and what happens when we don't
  • Important lessons from an assessment of speeches made by Donald Trump, Barack Obama, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn
  • Why we are susceptible to becoming puppets – what is happening in our brains and how this can lead to mass insanity
  • Examples of hypnotic language – what to look out for
  • What you can do to protect yourself against manipulation and make informed decisions during elections or referendums
  • And much more...

You can watch the replay here >>

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