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Special Event – Canadian Diplomat and Ivan Tyrrell put forward solutions to current global turmoil

Special one-off event open to all interested parties

Saturday June 10th, London

Designed for anyone interested in the current Middle East situation – and how fanaticism is spreading from there and affecting all our lives – this unique day gives you the opportunity to delve more deeply into the implications of the human givens approach for civilization and world peace.


Global politics are in a mess. Anxiety is rife about world events from Brexit to threats of nuclear war and the global refugee crisis. There is widespread evidence of societal decay. And solutions seem elusive.

How did we get to this point? What makes us indulge in such strange and destructive politics? How can we learn to move in a much better direction?

Now a Canadian diplomat with decades of experience working in the Middle East is teaming-up with prominent U.K. psychotherapist and author to offer solutions for this deteriorating state of affairs.

John Bell and Ivan Tyrrell, co-founders of The Conciliators Guild, are putting on a day-long workshop in London on June 10, 2017 entitled: Fear and political chaos: How to bring clarity to societal upheaval through the lens of innate human needs.

Bell and Tyrrell will explore the current malaise in global affairs and how to deal more effectively with the problems plaguing us, from violent extremism to the clash of cultures.

They argue that if we identify and address little understood human motivations, then a fresher and more fulfilling society is possible. If not, further conflict is almost certainly assured. The Middle East will serve as the primary case study in this workshop. 

“There’s a huge need for everyone, especially professionals working in international relations, to better grasp how politics is driven by innate human needs,” Bell says. “Knowledge of that can provide a useful compass on our chaotic politics - and how to improve them. It can also give us more effective tools of conflict resolution.”

The course is the first to be offered since Bell and Tyrrell recently joined forces to co-found The Conciliators Guild - an initiative aimed at bringing a more nuanced understanding of human nature to the craft of politics.

John Bell is a former UN and Canadian diplomat, and Director of the Middle East Programme at the Toledo International Centre for Peace. He has worked in policy development and mediation in the Middle East for over 25 years.

Ivan Tyrrell is an author and Director of the Human Givens College. He is co-founder with Joe Griffin of the human givens approach, with whom he also co-authored: Human Givens: The New Approach to Emotional Health and Clear Thinking and Godhead: The Brain’s Big Bang, as well as other ground-breaking titles and monographs on mental health and psychotherapy. 

The daylong workshop is open to anyone interested and is being held on Saturday June 10, 2017, at Broadway House, in London, U.K, from 8:30am-4:00pm.  The early bird cost is £145 + VAT per person, if reservation is made by 30th April 2017
 – includes lunch and refreshments. The normal rate is £160 + VAT per person.

> For more information – please visit: or call John Bell at +44 7493 237069.

26th April 2017

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