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New HG Podcast Series launched

Blue Monday saw the launch of our new podcast series: Ask the Expert

The series will run throughout the year, with at least one new podcast a month. You'll have the chance to hear regularly from human givens professionals as they discuss mental health and emotional wellbeing from the point of view of their particular area of expertise.

Upcoming topics include: children’s mental health, antidepressants, intimate relationships, self-harm, post-natal depression, body image…

We were delighted that Lee Pycroft agreed to be our first expert. Lee is a very highly regarded makeup artist and a human givens therapist. During the podcast, Lee talks to Julia Welstead about the importance of self-care, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing and the things she has done to help her clients achieve this. 

Episode 1: Why self-care isn’t selfish with Lee Pycroft

Get involved

Before each podcast we'd like you, our audience, to submit any questions you might have relating to the topics above. Please email your question, or any topic suggestions you might have, to [email protected]


Date posted: 23/01/2019

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