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Worldwide reach – new Human Givens online training

Great news! Human Givens College's new online training platform, which was launched on 4th November, is already proving popular with people booking on from all over the world.

This exciting new development for the College means that, wherever you are, you will be able to ‘attend’ their ground-breaking courses, at a time and place that suits you – saving you money and helping make your work easier and more effective.

Blended learning programme

The new online courses won't replace the college’s directly taught days – particularly the practical, skills-based ones – but now the new insights, clear information and practical, proven help they contain will be able to benefit countless more people worldwide.

Count towards the HG Diploma

Over the next year, the college will be continually adding more and more online versions of their one-day courses and successful completion of these will count towards Part I of the Human Givens Diploma.

Free lectures

To find out more about the new online training, including its FREE talks and lectures, visit:

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