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Want to find out more about the Human Givens approach?

A great places to start is to read the seminal HG books which give the grounding for the approach and the research that it's based upon.

On HG Publishing's website you'll also find the range of best-selling Self-help books, Audiobooks (CDs and digital downloads), and back issues of the Human Givens Journal which has introduced many key new ideas into the field of psychotherapy and counselling, and as well as key research findings, interesting interviews, book reviews and more, also contains lots of fascinating articles showing how people are using human givens psychotherapy and counselling practices to dramatically and cost-effectievly improve outcomes, reducing suffering in the process as they turn people's lives around and help them build resilience against future setbacks – as well as a wealth of examples of how the approach is benefitting diverse fields, from education and various businesses, to diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Human Givens Publishing

Latest News:

Introducing our new Chair

Sue Gray, who takes over from Dr Declan Lyons, is an accomplished Senior Health & Social Care Director and Clinician...