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'The Human Givens - Just what I needed'

HGI News

The British Psychological Association has just featured educational psychologist and HG Therapist Reni Landor in 'The Psychologist' online.

In the article – which you can read here – she talks about what the human givens approach has brought her, professionally and personally.

" I started to explore the possibility of training as a psychotherapist. The BACP Training Counselling & Psychotherapy Directory arrived through the post, and I spent hours ascertaining what theoretical approach might be the most stimulating, useful, relevant, affordable and realistic training route.

"By chance I talked about my dilemma with someone I sat next to one lunchtime, a mental health nurse who was working creatively with our local health visitor team. She said she thought I needed the Human Givens approach.

"In September 2007 I attended my first Human Givens workshop, ‘Stories that heal; a practical storytelling workshop for medical and caring professionals’, with the extraordinary Pat Williams ... The workshop took me out of my comfort zone, taught me some new skills, challenged some of my preconceptions about therapy and gave me just what I needed (to be stretched and challenged, and to have meaning and purpose in my life)...

"I felt like I had found the missing link in my professional life."

Click here to read the full article

Date posted: 03/10/2017

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