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The Lifting Depression Summit - Replay Now Available

If you missed the day, you haven't missed out!

Our first-ever online conference was held in February this year, and was a great success – with over 500 enthusiastic attendees from around the world.  Ably chaired by HGI chair Sue Gray and facilitated by HG College CEO Jane Tyrrell, the event brought together highly experienced HG practitioners and experts in the field of depression – as well as HG co-founders Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. 

Looking at depression from a wide range of angles, and using real life examples, they showed how it is possible to help most people overcome depression often surprisingly quickly.  The day also shared important information about antidepressants, young people’s mental health, depression at work (including remote working due to Covid-19), building resilience, preventing people from becoming depressed – and the latest neuroscientific perspectives on serotonin and inflammation in relation to depression. It provides excellent CPD for welfare and mental health professionals as well as invaluable information for anyone interested in depression for personal reasons.

You can view the full programme here, and you can purchase The Lifting Depression Summit replay at:




Posted 20.4.21

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