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New live online workshop: How to avoid burnout

This last year has been tough for many, as the dramatic increase in people looking for help with their mental health confirms, but what of those looking after them? We need to have enough 'spare capacity' to be able to help others safely and effectively, whatever our role – sadly ‘burnout’ is all too common amongst the caring professions.  Even if we know good stress management techniques, and what we should be doing to maintain our own wellbeing, this often isn’t enough.

How to avoid burnout - self-care for helping professionals is a new live-online workshop with Emily Gajewski - designed to help anyone who is struggling with the unique pressures of working with vulnerable and distressed people.  Drawing on her wealth of experience, Emily examines the many ways that working in the caring professions can impact us personally and she provides practical steps to mitigate this and ways to identify your particular vulnerabilities. She also looks at the most up-to-date guidance on keeping ourselves well and thriving in caring roles and will help participants develop a realistic plan for their own continuing wellbeing.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants so that there is enough time for everyone and will run for the first time on Thursday 23rd September on Zoom.

Please click here to find out more.

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New live online workshop: How to avoid burnout

To help others effectively we need to have enough ‘spare capacity’ – which means looking after our own wellbeing too.  Find out more about Human Givens College's new live online workshop - with Emily Gajewski.

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