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New ONLINE WEBINAR – watch for free now

Date posted: 14/09/2016

Adapting to university life can be a daunting and highly stressful time for young people and their families, as everyone adjusts to the many challenges and changes it brings. If you know someone about to start univeristy, don't miss the replay of one of HG College's most popular webinars:

How to support teenagers through the stress of starting university life

Gareth Hughes' highly informative 90-minute online webinar contains some of the best advice available for anxious students and their loved ones – it highlights potential problems many aren't aware of, as well as what not to worry about, and shows you how to make the transition to university as stress-free as possible, for everyone involved...

> Watch the replay here

NB: EXPIRES on Monday 3rd October – at midnight (BST)




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