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The real science of wellbeing - an inspirational talk about the human givens approach you can listen to now

In a gripping online video, Joe Griffin, Director of Studies at MindFields College, sets out the science-derived truths that underpin the human givens approach to psychotherapy, education and society at large.  You can watch his talk here:

If you believe these insights are important and would like to help us spread them around, please forward this to friends, colleagues and people who may influence funding policies and suggest they make the time to watch it. Please also feel free to link the talk to your website or embed it into presentations.  

The video lasts 30 minutes and is of Joe’s spirited opening address to students attending the two-week residential section of the Human Givens Diploma.  It is introduced by Ivan Tyrrell, Principal of MindFields College, and makes an ideal refresher for College graduates and a powerful primer for anyone who wants to know more about the real science of wellbeing.
And for those who just want to listen, you can hear the audio alone on:

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Date posted: 21/04/2022