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Low self esteem

  • Kathy Royle

    North Devon
    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom
    Mid Devon
    United Kingdom

    I have been a Human Givens Practitioner since 2002. As well as seeing clients privately I am an affiliated counsellor for Cic, PTSD Resolution and Red Poppy.

  • Joanna Baker

    Burton upon Trent
    DE15 0BA
    United Kingdom

    Joanna is a therapist at the University of Derby where she also works as their Psycho-education Coordinator. She and her team develop and deliver workshops on various aspects of wellbeing.

  • Joycelyn Bartlett

    3451 Utrecht

    Each individual and therefore organisation has limitless potential to realise. My purpose is to unleash this potential to build optimal resilience and creativity.

  • Nicky Drew

    United Kingdom

    "My aim is to help people understand where their experience of life is coming from so that they can reconnect with their innate well-being."

  • Kat Marlow

    The Retreat
    29 Welland Avenue
    Market Harbrough
    LE16 7RN
    United Kingdom

    Positive change is a counselling and coaching practice in Leicestershire to help people achieve a brighter future with a positive state of mind.

  • Mary Blues

    9 Orchardhead Road
    EH16 6HJ
    United Kingdom

    Mary has been a complementary practitioner for many years working as a healer on a voluntary basis since 1995.


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