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Membership levels

Last updated: January 2024 

NEW Membership Levels
As a result of the HGI adopting the SCoPEd framework, we will be making changes to our membership levels, including introducing additional registered member levels which align with SCoPEd's 3 columns. These are planned to come into effect in February 2024.


Open to anyone who is interested in, or keen to support and be part of, the development and spread of the human givens insights and approach.

HGI professional membership levels

There are three grades of professional membership for successful graduates of the Human Givens Diploma, as follows:

The Institute has the power to elect as a Fellow a Registered Member who has also made a distinctive contribution to human givens studies or its teaching or application.

Honorary Memberships may also be awarded for outstanding contributions to the field.

> Download our membership guide The levels of HGI membership explained for more details.

Latest News:

SCoPEd - latest update

The six SCoPEd partners have published their latest update on the important work currently underway with regards to the SCoPEd framework implementation, governance and impact assessment.

Date posted: 14/02/2024