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Andrew Richardson

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Practice location
11 Poltair Avenue
St Austell
PL25 4LY
United Kingdom
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01726 252824
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07870 104651
About Me

Andrew has a busy private practice, of over fifteen years. His book "The Depression Optimist" is an Amazon best seller. Andrew was one of the original participants in the research of the Human Givens Foundation and continues to measure the progress of all his clients. He now has well over 1000 clients on his continually updated database. He therefore knows that over 85% experience improvement or full recovery within 4 sessions.

Andrew receives regular referrals from PTSD Resolution ( as a military trauma specialist. He has helped survivors of Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the Falklands.

He offers the option of the free 30 minute consultation. He sees clients at his home during weekdays, most evenings and if required at weekends also. Finally Andrew has a successful online practice and sees clients from literally all over the world. 

Andrew's background is not typical. He had a successful business career before training in the Human Givens - which was nearly 20 years ago now.

Andrew offers One on One and Online help for the full range of difficulties that Human Givens deals with: depression, trauma, phobias, anxieties, obsessive behaviour, loss of self confidence, addiction, the need for meaning, personal and work problems, relationships.

HG.Dip.P, MSc (LSE), MA (Edinburgh)
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11 Poltair Avenue
St Austell
PL25 4LY
United Kingdom