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Renee van der Vloodt

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United Kingdom
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01233 861468
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07966 799093
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Renée receives referrals from GPs and specialists.

"My aim is to facilitate people's well-being and help them develop resilience."

Renée has been a Human Givens practitioner since 2003 and co-founded Human Givens in the Netherlands in 2008. She taught the Diploma Course for Human Givens College, is a Human Givens supervisor, fellow of the HGI and has served as a member of the HGI board of directors.

She has experience with all ages (including children and adolescents) and a wide range of mental health problems: depression, anxiety, anger, stress, burn-out, behavioural and communication problems, bereavement, sleep problems and low self-esteem. Over the years she has become particularly interested in the creative mind and helps people with dyslexia, AD(H)D and other forms of right brain dominance. She offers mentoring sessions with parents online, or via telephone.

Renée also works in companies for whom she designs tailored stress management courses and resilience training. Effective stress reduction makes employees more energetic, productive and creative. Teams become more harmonious and value each member's unique worth.

She publishes a monthly wellbeing blog and is the author of the CD Series Calm the Chaos of the Creative Mind.

Renée derives enormous optimism from the fact that her work often effects major breakthroughs in the personal development of her clients. She puts this down to her conviction that once we learn to work with our innate resources, the possibilities for sustainable change are infinite.

M.A., HG.Dip.P, Human Givens Supervisor
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