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Julie Duguid

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As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, so let's get our heads together! Our emotions can hijack our ability to think clearly, so whilst the problem solving part of your brain is being held hostage, let my brain help you find the solutions to set yourself free!

As a trauma informed and experienced, solution focused therapist, I work with the issue you bring and help you find and rehearse solutions.

I know finding solutions and feeling better is possible, I have experienced it personally and witnessed so many courageous people work with their issues and move on with their life. As you are reading this, then you have already started the healing process as 1. You have recognised there is an issue to move on from and 2. You are already looking for solutions.

If you are reading this on the Human Givens website, then I hope you have read and understood the Human Givens principles, which I summarise as, ‘you were born with needs and you were also born with the resources to learn to meet those needs’. Our work together will be about solving the puzzle of how those needs are not being met in balance and then solving the puzzle of how we can use or ‘learn’ to use our human resources to meet those needs to improve wellbeing.

Often I find people enter into a therapeutic relationship because they are puzzled about something in their lives, which they have identified is causing them issues and yet, they are struggling to find ways to solve the issue or change a behaviour on their own. In my work, I have also found that most of the time, the person not only brought the issue, they also brought the solution with them too, they just hadn’t yet identified it! Choosing to work with a therapist does not mean there is something wrong with you, in most cases, it is your environment which is preventing you from accessing your resources, which is why many of the people I help, feel the time spent with me as is a way of temporarily changing their environment!

I view our time together, however brief, as a collaboration, where we bring together our collective knowledge and experience, to find and rehearse solutions to your specific life issue.

I look forward to hearing from you and being given the privilege of helping you solve your puzzles!

Human Givens Therapeutic Practitioner (Human Givens College), Post Graduate Diploma in Human Givens Therapeutic Practice (Nottingham Trent University), edexcel Professional Diploma - weight management consultant
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