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  • Diana Thornton

    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

    I have had many years professional experience working alongside people during challenging periods in their lives and began work in the NHS over 30 years ago as a music therapist.

  • Nicola Cheverall

    Muswell Hill
    East Finchley
    N10 2PY
    United Kingdom

    “I wasn’t sure what was going to happen today, it turned out you helped unblock something quite major. Thank you for noticing my struggle with PTSD” 

  • Brighdeen Rice

    Belfast and surrounding areas
    Northern Ireland
    United Kingdom

    I have been a secondary school teacher since 2003 and in recent years have become acutely aware of the increase in mental health issues for young people.

  • Pat Hart

    Northern Ireland
    BT6 9SD
    United Kingdom

    My aim is to teach clients calming techniques and develop positive coping mechanisms using tools that are based on current neuroscience. To help them change distress into decisions, plan a way forward whilst facing challenging circumstances, develop achievable goals and have a fulfilling life that works.

  • Denver Henderson

    County Antrim
    United Kingdom

    Sometimes we all need a little help to overcome some of life's twists & turns.

    A few of the areas which show up in today's world include: 

    - Feeling anxious, or tense
    - Overthinking & over worrying
    - Lacking in self-confidence and self-belief
    - Panic episodes
    - Violent outbursts
    - Addiction
    - Low-mood and low self-esteem
    - Stress and overwhelm
    - Losing a loved one through bereavement
    - Trauma and PTSD
    - Pregnancy loss, Infertility and IVF
    - Lacking direction in life
    - The impact of the COVID pandemic

    If you can relate to any of the above, then I can help.  You will receive a warm welcome and confidential support from day one.  My aim is simple:  To support you 'be the best you can be', for you to live a life you can love.

  • Saskia Sobey

    East Horsley
    United Kingdom

    With a background in Holistic medicine and as a Yoga teacher, I have always enjoyed helping people and now as a dedicated Human Givens Therapist I am able to reach out to an even wider cliental.

  • Laura Kerr

    United Kingdom

    I help adults and children (5-18 year olds) overcome challenging life circumstances so they can experience triumph from tragedy and feel empowered by their journey. 

  • Judy Lovell

    GY8 0PD

    I am a fully qualified Human Givens psychotherapist focusing on helping people to move forward in their lives as quickly as possible whilst ensuring their emotional needs are met in balance. 


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