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Panic Attacks

  • Anita Dale

    West Sussex
    BN13 2AF
    United Kingdom

    I have a wide range of experience, successfully using the Human Givens approach for over 20 years, with clients of all ages, and with diverse problems.

  • Sarah Moliver

    United Kingdom

    I have worked for many years as General Practitioner in the NHS.

  • Ursula O'Brien

    Priory Orchard
    Spencer's Lane
    West Midlands
    CV7 7BB
    United Kingdom

    Born in Switzerland, I have now lived in the UK for 30 years. Initially I trained as a social pedagogue and worked in child assessment and later headed a hostel in London.

  • Michael Trundley

    Forest of Dean
    United Kingdom

    I have had 35 years experience working in the mental health field and qualified as a psychiatric nurse in my youth. I have worked as a therapist in the N.H.S.

  • Stuart Fyfe

    United Kingdom

    I have spent more than 20 years working for charities, supporting service users with trauma, anxiety, addictions, homelessness and involvement in the criminal justice system.

  • Rich Emerson

    Bay Tree House
    Saint Hilary
    TR20 9EF
    United Kingdom
    100 Dibles Road
    SO31 9JL
    United Kingdom

    A broad range of experiences, both personal and professional, have enabled me to support numerous individuals in their recovery, from many forms of emotional distress.

  • Julian Penton

    Durham City
    County Durham
    United Kingdom
    County Durham
    United Kingdom

    Julian has twelve years' experience as a practising Human Givens therapist working in private practice as well as for a mental health charity in north east England.


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