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Panic Attacks

  • Anita Dale

    West Sussex
    BN13 2AF
    United Kingdom

    I have a wide range of experience, successfully using the Human Givens approach for over 20 years, with clients of all ages, and with diverse problems.

  • Sarah Jeffrey-Gray

    United Kingdom

    NB: I am currently on sabbatical from 1 April to 1 October 2018

  • Tanya Lee

    15 Chesterfield Crescent
    SS9 5PD
    United Kingdom

    I am passionate about using Human Givens therapy to help people to take control of their mental health.

  • Ben Keenan

    United Kingdom

    After having had 27 years of experience offering emotional support in various areas of voluntary work, I decided to stop and retrain in the Human Givens approach.

  • Julian Penton

    Durham City
    County Durham
    United Kingdom
    County Durham
    United Kingdom

    Julian has twelve years' experience as a practising Human Givens therapist working in private practice as well as for a mental health charity in north east England.

  • Tricia Curtis

    United Kingdom

    Feel better and more confident about the future quickly. You will be given strategies, resources and practical help enabling you to feel a positive difference from your very first session.


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