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  • Ruth Longworth-Zurcher

    York Human Givens Wellbeing Centre
    33 Bishopthorpe Road
    North Yorkshire
    YO23 1NA
    United Kingdom

    I started my professional life in Switzerland where I qualified and worked as a Kindergarten Teacher. After moving to Britain in 1994 I trained as an Occupational Therapist.

  • Joy Cherkaoui

    Carmont House
    The Crichton
    Bankend Road
    DG1 4ZJ
    United Kingdom

    Joy's background is in community development and she has worked with individuals and groups all her adult life.

  • Freyja Theaker

    United Kingdom
    North Shropshire
    United Kingdom

    As a fully qualified and experienced Human Givens psychotherapist I am passionate about helping people transform emotional distress.

  • Lindsay Sands

    Clay Cross
    United Kingdom

    Hello. My name is Lindsay Sands and I have over 35 years of experience of working for the NHS in community services.

  • Rita Clare

    Wootton Fields
    United Kingdom

    Rita initially came from a background in training and development, as well as over nine years experience of working as a therapist in private practice, before training as a Human Givens practitione

  • Pat Hart

    Northern Ireland
    BT6 9SD
    United Kingdom

    My aim is to teach clients calming techniques and develop positive coping mechanisms using tools that are based on current neuroscience. To help them change distress into decisions, plan a way forward whilst facing challenging circumstances, develop achievable goals and have a fulfilling life that works.

  • Sydney Okojie

    South Africa
    South Africa

    Developer and Director Of Nature Strategies. Sydney is an experienced NLP and Human Givens Practitioner with a strong background in General Medical Practice and Health Services Management.


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