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  • Jennifer Broadley

    Healthy Chat, Princes Trust Building
    1B Kemback Street
    DD4 6ET
    United Kingdom
    Healthy Chat, 1-5 Murray Street
    DD10 8JQ
    United Kingdom
    Healthy Chat, 39 Dee Street
    AB11 6DY
    United Kingdom

    Health, finances, relationships, career, family, fitness and unexpected change – life can get complicated.

  • Hugh Macnab

    19 Walnut Lane
    CW8 1QN
    United Kingdom

    As well as his Human Givens Diploma, Hugh has a Certificate and Diploma in General Counselling, but he has been practising human givens therapy exclusively since 2002.

  • Don Elwick

    United Kingdom

    The way that a human life may unfold is bound to bring challenges, and these may become stressful or overwhelming at times for almost anyone.

  • Pamela Woodford

    BA15 2BH
    United Kingdom

    Pamela, a leading child therapist, and Fellow of the Human Givens Institute has helped many children (5—18 years olds) and adults deal with challenging life circumstances.

  • Clifford Emmerson

    IP3 9AT
    United Kingdom

    Clifford Emmerson is a Human Givens Psychotherapist with 20+ years counselling experience, having previously worked with both military and civilian personnel for the British Armed Forces.

  • Ursula O'Brien

    Priory Orchard
    Spencer's Lane
    West Midlands
    CV7 7BB
    United Kingdom

    Born in Switzerland, I have now lived in the UK for 30 years. Initially I trained as a social pedagogue and worked in child assessment and later headed a hostel in London.


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