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Síle Uí Chiaráin

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"The Loft", Carrickrobin
Co Louth
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00353 873414995
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Síle has worked in education for almost thirty years. Throughout her career, with experience in mainstream, learning support and resource teaching in middle and senior management, Síle is more acutely aware than ever in recent years, of the pressures of daily life on children, teens and adults alike.

Performance and exam anxiety, relationship issues; from being able to forge and maintain meaningful friendships to romantic, gender and sexual confusions, dealing with deficits of dignity in the workplace/bullying in the workplace, domestic dysfunction in all its forms and generally just struggling to keep 'all the plates on sticks', are the backdrop to many people's lives these days. In an effort to understand and prepare a streamlined response to these issues, with the view to helping the people that Síle was coming in contact with daily and wanted so dearly to help in a more structured way, Síle trawled to find an effective new organising idea, greater than the limited vantage point from which people were formally trying to make sense of their seemingly broken lives.

Training as a Human Givens Practitioner has changed Síle's life to this end.

The bio-psycho-social model of psychotherapy that is Human Givens is measurably effective in its integrative approach to wellness because it truly understands us as human beings with innate emotional needs that need to be met in balance.

Síle is an ardent advocate of and fully embraces the principals of Human Givens.

She delivers one-to-one therapy, coaching, training and workshops.

HG.Dip.P, PostGradDip(Dist) Ed Man, B.Ed(Hons)
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Teaching Council of Ireland

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  • Gaeilge
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"The Loft", Carrickrobin
Co Louth