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Valerie Hillen

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Practice location
Ballybot House
28 Corn Market
Northern Ireland
BT35 8BG
United Kingdom
Telephone Number
07449 217217
About Me

Valerie has experience of helping people with a wide range of personal difficulties and is keen to provide practical support that helps people feel better quickly and effectively.

With over twenty years’ experience of problem solving, training, development and change management in a variety of organisations, Valerie started studying psychology and counselling in 2005. Since learning more about Human Givens, she has become enthusiastic about its positive approach and its focus on effective, solution focused support that helps people move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

She works from her base in Newry and is willing to travel to see people when required (Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland). She would be very happy for you to discuss your situation in advance of meeting, to help you decide whether this approach is right for you.

She is also willing to deliver group talks on the Human Givens approach.


"I just want everyone to know how much the services of PTSDResolution & in particular Valerie Hillen who was assigned to my case! Their services to me was invaluable! Both PTSDResolution & Valerie Hillen have done more for me in 6 sessions than the NHS did in 20 years!

I totally recommend the services of both PTSDResolution & particularly Valerie Hillen for their expertise & commitment to me! Even through the corona virus issues Valerie Hillen found a way to continue our sessions on line! She went way & beyond the call of duty! A remarkable woman devoted to helping those like myself who suffered from PTSD! I recommend the services of PTSDResolution & in particular Valerie Hillen to anyone in need of their services!"

Dave Pattison

Paul said "everything around his death was a massive front pushed to the back of my mind. It affected me, I just shut down. I would sit in a dark room smoking and drinking. I was drinking to forget and often passed out with alcohol. I was always the joker, but not anymore. I couldn't sleep".

After Paul had the rewind technique and the sessions with me said "Although previously I had felt claustrophobic, everything has opened up and I am able to talk to people about my past. It's given me an explanation about my experience. I feel understood and heard and don't dwell on the past and I am looking forward all the time now".

Paul - Ex-Soldier (Bosnia)
Suffering PTSD from after the suicide of his colleague on duty.

"I felt from the very first therapy session with Valerie my anxiety levels really dropped. Everything we talked about made absolute sense. I was able to see where I was going wrong with my approach to everyday situations. I then realized my learned behavior was causing a lot of my anxiety."

Jim - Construction worker
Relationship difficulties and anxiety issues.

"Nice to have someone to confide in, nice to know I'm not the only one who suffered OCD symptoms. Good to get constructive strategies advice on coping with OCD."

Denise - Teacher 
Recently started work again after long term unemployment and suffering from OCD.

"From the sessions with Valerie I became more focused and centered. The Guided Imagery help me manage my stress and Anxiety and I practice regularly. I had a fear of needles and was dreading attending the dentist, which after 1 session I was delighted to be able to get through no problem. I have epilepsy but because I can manage my anxiety and stress better, it is more manageable. I am getting on with my life more and not living my life in fear because of health issues".

Daniel, 24

Human Givens Practitioner (HG.Dip.P), Employability Services Sector Skills Trainer, LCCI Business Diploma
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  • English
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How to Find Me
Ballybot House
28 Corn Market
Northern Ireland
BT35 8BG
United Kingdom